Welcome to this archive of John Huckle’s publications.  These outline critical approaches to geographical and environmental education developed over three decades. You will also find a list of related links and a contact form if you have comments or wish to get in touch.

John’s current project is an ebook Critical School Geography. All chapters and associated curriculum units have now been published on this site and final editing and updating will take place before the ebook is published, hopefully in autumn 2020.. To find out more follow the Critical School Geography link on the main menu.

Latest additions  Chapter nine of Critical School Geography focuses on democracy and citizenship and builds on concepts of radical democracy and radical global democratisation introduced in chapter one. These concepts require global citizenship education to explore the democratisation of internaitonal relations and global governace, a theme explored in the associated curriculum unit on international tax reform. This focuses on SDG 17 Partnerships fo rthe Goals and GCE topic one, Local National and Global Systems.